To business owners and potential employers, I am a copywriter; which according to approximately 42% of the men whom I have met in bars means that I am responsible for removing “all of the good films from YouTube.”

To the non-business owners, the creatively free cactus-loving people of Twitter and 15-year-old Alice who thought that writing would be all New York apartments and shoes, I am a writer.

They are almost the same thing.

Apart from the fact that one makes me sound like I can produce highly effective sales copy and engagement emails (which I can) and the other makes me sound like I regularly eat breakfast foods for dinner.

But now for the stuff that my grandparents are proud of…

I have spent the last two years writing and editing online and printed content for business owners. I began this at Entrepreneur’s Circle as Editor of the Circular, a monthly magazine sent to over 2,000 entrepreneurs in the UK, and continued in my role as Head of Communications at Ideal Result and Editor of Success Club.

During this time I have written countless high quality email campaigns, website copy, landing pages and articles all with the goal of helping entrepreneurs to grow their business without losing their personal voice amongst a sea of corporate banality.

And, finally, the stuff that my grandparents don’t think you need to know…

I like writing.

If I wasn’t trying to keep writing keen on me, then I would say that I loved it. The truth is, I would write even if no one paid me to.

There are lots of smug quotes about the power of words that I could use as a twee little sign off here, but I believe that Boyzone said it best when their bums left their stools and they sang ‘words are all I have, to take your heart away’.

Of course, Ronan Keating did later go on to suggest that ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all‘, but let’s just ignore that.